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The Place Beyond the Pines

The-Place-Beyond-the-Pines-movie-posterAfter watching The Notebook, I had no doubt that Ryan Gosling would be a huge star. He’s attractive, yet doofy looking and tremendously talented. The thing is, I figured he would be this huge mainstreamed actor, not this power house for indie flicks. The Place Beyond the Pines is absolutely no exception.

This is pretty much your spoiler warning. I won’t give it all away, but this movie is so much more than it seems.

Similar to Drive, Gosling plays Luke, a stunt motorcyclist who soon takes up robbing banks to help take care of his one year old son. A job goes wrong, however, resulting in Bradley Cooper’s characters, police officer Avery Cross, to make a decision that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

And that is about as far as I can go without ruining the ENTIRETY of the movie.

The film has a distinct Guy Ritchie feel in that it’s made up of three stories all related to one another (only there’s no witty humor). Each segment reflects the one before it while managing to give a variation, giving the movie a very cyclical feel, which is appropriate given Luke’s signature motorcycle trick. There’s an overall motif of how our actions effect everyone we know in a ripple effect of sorts. On top of that, there’s this question of “Does Luke make bad decisions because he’s a bad guy? If yes, then can the same be said of Officer Cross and his decisions? Is he exempt because he’s a cop?” The movie makes you think, but not by taking away from the movie.

Despite the similarities to Drive, Beyond the Pines is much easier for the audience to watch. The violence is considerably toned down, as well as there being an actual “point” to the movie. You don’t have to “get it” in order to enjoy it, and if anything, it’s a good looking drama flick. Hopefully it will rake in some good award season noms. It’s a movie I’m eager to see again in case I missed something. I’m actually going to have to drag some people to see it with me. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Also Ryan Gosling looked super mega foxy awesome hot as blonde with all those tattoos, so….



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