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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

percy_jackson_sea_of_monsters_ver7_xlgAfter the gargantuan flop that was The Lightning Thief, it only seems natural to make a sequel. Just throw in some big names and attractive actors and maybe people will forget how bad its predecessor is. Yeah. Right.

Percy Jackson is no longer riding the high of his first quest, and probably the fact that he still hasn’t sealed the deal with Annabeth. Eager to prove himself, he takes off to find the mythic Golden Fleece in order to save the camp, and apparently the world, from Luke Castellan. Again.

Just like the first film, it’s a mediocre adaptation of the book. Characters are magically introduced to the story, but never developed on, and adds no depth to a lack luster world. The effects are cheap and characters are shallow. Sure, saving the camp is a noble cause, but Percy’s mainly going to regain his former glory, and Clarisse, a “Go get ’em” daughter of Ares, also seeks to improve her own reputation. So much for heroes.

Sea of Monsters‘s biggest problem isn’t that it’s just an unimpressive experience that destroys everything we love about the books. The problem is that everything is left unresolved. Annabeth and Percy are still hovering in that “Will they won’t they” stage of adolescence, despite their well established relationship in the books (though I applaud director Thor Freudenthal for not making the movie all about a budding romance). The writer’s can never officially kill Luke just in case another movie is green-lighted and then there’s Thalia Grace, whose storyline needs another movie. So far, The Titan’s Curse is set for 2015, but any hope for a decent adaptation is pretty much impossible.

Percy Jackson is pretty much Harry Potter’s little brother. Harry was quarterback and class president while Percy sits on the bench the whole season and no one can get his name right. He’s not inferior per say, he’s just not nearly as out going, and even though Harry’s graduated on to bigger and better theme parks things, Percy is still stuck in the shadows. Honestly, it’s a shame.

Fans of the books are undoubtedly upset by the film once again, and it’s pretty apparent as to why. For now, dedicated demigods will have to find solace in Riodan’s Heroes of Olympus books, the only thing the fandom really has left.



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