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If you’re not aware of it by now, I love horror movies. Psychological thrillers are my favorite, but really anything in the genre will do. That feeling that someone maybe watching, jump scares, horrible acting —  these are a few of my favorite things.

Unfortunately for headliner Karen Gillan, Oculus is not one of my favorite things.

Oculus focuses on a possessed mirror owned by a seemingly nice family of four that has haunted twenty-three year old Kaylie (Gillan) her whole life. She believes the mirror is the cause of her mother’s insanity, father’s death, and brother’s incarceration. With the help of her recently released brother, Kaylie sets up an all night investigation to clear her family’s name. In a completely unsurprising twist, the expected happens.

The plot runs in two timelines, playing the past along with the present. Appropriately enough the events mirror one another. As things start going haywire in the present, we relive Kaylie’s past as she watches her family life crumble. Kaylie’s own growing obsession mimics her mother’s, and the events slowly repeat themselves. The idea is simple enough, but the story slowly grows messy as the two timelines eventually intersect. Or perhaps it was meant to be a hallucination, which accounts for 75% of the horror. The rest lies in subtle gore. Some blood here and there, and that’s that.

The movie’s end is open for sequels that will probably roll around eventually with its decent box office success and recent release to Netflix. Personally, it didn’t do much for me. Gillan’s American accent is a little heavy and the mixing of the timelines made for a messy watch. The hallucinations were interesting enough, making you guess what was real or fake, but it was easy to see where the story was going. In end, nothing was surprising, nothing was thrilling.

I’ll still probably see a sequel if it happens.



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